How to choose a deodorizing machine for your kitchen

Deodorizing machines are the products which are necessary for a modern kitchen. Kitchen’s area and budget should be considered when giving the decision to buy a deodorizing machine.

Grasping the demands of customers, producers always improve and offer many designs of kitchen deodorizing machine suitable to the condition of each family.

In the past, there were mainly 2 types of deodorizing machine: one with chimney and the other without a chimney. Recently, there is one more types – closet deodorizing machine which is very thin, neat and suitable for a lot of households

Classification of kitchen deodorizing machines


Kitchen deodorizing machines with a chimney: its prices is from 200-500$. This is the choice of families with the big area of the kitchen and high demand of kitchen using. This type of deodorizing machine is capable of absorbing heat to cool the atmosphere of the kitchen.

Kitchen deodorizing machines without a chimney: it contains a filter deodorizing smoke, smell directly from the kitchen. Then, the machine automatically filters them through the ventilating holes in the body of the machine. The price of this type is lower than one with a chimney, from 100-250$.

Closet deodorizing machine: it is very thin with a modern, attractive design. It is mainly used for small kitchen and syn-chronically assembled with kitchen cupboard. Only the part of this machine which is responsible for deodorization juts out. Its price is from 100-150$.

Deodorizing machines are mainly made from Japan, Taiwan or Italy… with the size of 60cm, 70cm or 90cm. Therefore, if you determine to install a kitchen deodorizing machine, you should pay attention to your kitchen’s area to choose a suitable one.

The structure of the deodorizing machine is quite simple. It consists of 2 layers which are the outer protective shell from stainless steel or insulative paint and the outer mesh (or metal plate), a group of filters from coal or metal plate, sucking fans, lights, button of suction speed adjustment. Some types are equipped with a plate of glass to prevent grease, oil… All components of the machine could be disassembled, so it is very convenient for replacement, repair if something goes wrong.

Advantage identification


The operation of most types of deodorizing machine is based on the operating principle of ventilators combined with a group of filters. The machine typically includes basic parts: the outer shell, steam-conducting system, filters, sucking fan, warning light and button of suction speed adjustment.

Poisonous gasses and unpleasant odors are sucked by the fan of the machine. The dirt and grease will stick to the filters which can be easily removed and replaced. With the machines manufactured in the USA, Italy, they have a beautiful form with modern features such as the sensor of the level of the smoke and dirt in the atmosphere to adjust the speed of the sucking fan; the sensor of the level of dirt in the filtering layers to notice the time of filter cleaning. The drawback of these models is the relatively high price.

The machines imported from Japan often contain cup for oil catching. This type often has one or two fans with diagonal wings. When the fan runs, a radial airflow will be sucked strongly then blown along the tube to outside. The advantage of this type is that in the middle of the fan, there is a hemispherical cover to reduce the sticking of grease, oil on the fan. The grease, oil then flows into the catching cup below, which helps to minimize grease, oil on the machine. However, this type is only good for the kitchen with steam vents.

When purchasing and installing deodorizing machine, you should care about the power and noise level of the machine. If you prefer the machine without a chimney, let choose the one that has 2 motors, speed of suction from 650m 3 per hours or higher, and noise level which does not exceed 50dB.

If you have a budget of 200-250$, you should choose the machine with two modes: reducing and pushing deodorization to let odors, smoke, and hot air out directly. As a result, the machine would deodorize smoke more thoroughly, so you do not need to frequently replace the activated carbon.

To ensure safety while cleaning, you should pay attention to the principles as follows:

– Must unplug the machine

– Absolutely do not use water, hard objects to clean

– With filters, they should be cleaned, dried thoroughly before reassembled every 15 days.

– With activated carbon filter, it should be replaced every 6 months.