How To Choose To Buy A Good Yogurt Maker?

Yogurt is a popular and favorite dish in the summer. When used regularly, yogurt helps to enhance the immunity of the body, strengthen bones, reduce inflammation and the risk of diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure … as well as is good for the digestion.

Currently, with the variety of yogurt makers, users just need to spend small sums of money to be able to own and do this nutritious food for yourself. The advantage of the maker is cost-effective and simple to use, because when it is used in long-term, stable air conditioning helps create convenient fermentation process that is easy to succeed, you will also be more proactive in setting hours and satisfying your needs.How to choose to buy a good yogurt maker?

Recently, I read a lot of information of the housewives who is looking for buying a good yogurt maker for homemade better serve the needs of the family. There is a variety of yogurt maker that is advertised regularly on television, website or the electronics center … so many people are wondering which product, sample, code to choose because of much information.

Ms. Ngoc, an office staff who wants to buy a yogurt maker, posts information on a blog with content: “I’m in SG, my husband loves to eat homemade yogurt, but my electric cooker is so small that I want to buy a small yogurt maker. Therefore, please help me some advices what kind of yogurt maker should I buy, I have been introduced about Vivify but I think it has some troubles, this maker is good or not? Thank you in advance – Rose”.How to choose to buy a good yogurt maker?

At Pico electronics stores currently sell 6 models of yogurt maker in which have 3 model of Kanggaroo, a model of Severin, a model of Myota and a model of Misushita. According to a sale staff, the yogurt maker basically has function as a warm temperature box with a stable 45 degrees that is suitable for fermentation.

Here are some notices of buying yogurt maker:

Brand, source, origin: there are many yogurt maker brands in the market like Myota, Kangaroo, Misushita, AnAn, Severin, Silkma, Magic One, Vivify, NUC, Argo, Facare … with different origins: Japan, Australia, Germany, Vietnam, China, Korea, Taiwan … in which makers coming from Vietnam, China, Taiwan often have simple designs, less functions and cheap price. The makers coming from Japan or South Korea are also rated higher, makers of European manufacturers are often more appreciated by beautiful design, certain structure, many functions (timer on, sleep timer, temperature compensation capabilities …), good durability. You should choose reputable major brands, genuine products at major electronics stores to avoid purchasing counterfeit goods, pirated goods of inferior quality.How to choose to buy a good yogurt maker?

Batch volume: the maker is mainly made with a capacity of 1-2 liters of yogurt products, so depending on the needs of the family to use that you choose a machine with 6 cups, 8 cups or 12 cups.

Functions: Beside the basic function of warm temperature to make yogurt, some makers also have turn off – turn on function, muscle control function while others are controlled through the electronic board. There are some makers having off timer mode, seasonal temperature compensation mode, automatic power down mode … Besides that, you could make yogurt from soya milk, fruit yogurt … depending on each kind of maker.

Material of cup: models originating from Europe is often more expensive so accompanied cups are usually made of glass with plastic lid. The low-cost makers usually use the plastic cups, but Korean products may be ceramic cups. Glass and ceramic cups are rather easy to clean, no smell and color haunted during using but they are highly fragile and expensive in case of replacing.

Product warranty: While purchasing products, you should check the distorted packaging. The warranty period is usually 12 months, but some for 3 months or up to 3 years depending on kind of makers. Hence, it is needed to consider carefully the warranty for your benefit in case of malfunction during the warranty period.

Reference: feedback on the network, forums and check prices at a number of locations before buying.How to choose to buy a good yogurt maker?


Yogurt maker is actually not the automatic machine with all the stages to the finished yogurt product. This is just a warm temperature machine of mixture material to help us do a quick and more efficient yogurt.

In the process of using, you should clean regularly machine and cups. You also should let machine in a dry place, without the air conditioner with the ambient temperature is not hot and cold in case of warming. After a period of 6 – 8 hours incubation (depending on season), you shut down your machine and get cups of yogurt in the cool refrigerator for about 1 hour before using.

How to choose to buy a good yogurt maker?