A Completed Guide on How to Clean a Mattress

Mattress is one of a large-sized pad which is put in your bed or even chair to support for our body when you sleep. It is known as an effective assistance that keeps our body from discomfort, muscles strain, neck and back pain then ensure to give us a sweet and good sleep. The fact is that mattress is used from day to day and month to month.

A large number of people do not pay much attention to cleaning their mattress after a long use because they think it is not dirty and still clean enough to use. However, do you know that without regular cleaning, the mattress is ranked in one of the dirtiest items in your house? Does it sound crazy and reasonless? Let me give you the specific explanation for this.

What are the risks?

– There are a lot of small specks of dust hang in the mid-air, and then they drop to our mattress and other furniture in our house.

– There are also urine, blood, sweat, blood, and other types of fluids which come from our body

– Dusts our clothes after a long working day can also remain on our bed and build up in the mattress.

– The trace chemicals, pollen, and oils can be found.

– Even if we do not control our pets well, they can also give us lots of tiny hair on our bed

Give a look at these points, do you feel unbelievable and extremely surprisingly? Of course, you do! As you know, a dirty environment is a beneficial condition for harmful bacteria to develop and then they can cause unexpected diseases for us.

How to clean your mattress?

Therefore, it is necessary for us to clean our mattress on a regular basis. In the scope of this post, I will introduce the necessary steps to carry out and hope you will consult:

 Step 1: Vacuum

Use your vacuum cleaner to collect dust and tiny things which lie deeply in your mattress. You should move to and fro many times to vacuum as much as dirty things as possible.

 Step 2: Deodorize

Although dust is removed well in step one, we still release that our mattress has an uncomfortable or even terrible smell. Therefore, we need to make this smell disappear by combining baking soda and natural oils then rub the mattress. Then wait for 10 minutes and move to step 3.

 Step 3: Vacuum

This step is aimed to eliminate the barking soda which you sprinkle on the mattress before.

Step 4: Get rid of other strains

Other stubborn stains such as blood, urine, and sweat, you do need the help from water and soap, and then wait until it dry or use can use your hair dryer.

After four steps above, your mattress can be clean again, and you can freely use it. However, it is recommended that it is better if you use some washable items to cover it before using so that you still keep your mattress clean and safe as well as wash it more quickly.

One of the most effective things that I know is the topper, and you can totally find this best mattress topper from the famous and reliable providers. The advantage of this topper is that it is not only soft enough to keep your good sleep and protect your body but also washable and easy to move when you want to clean.

With the information and steps provided in this post, hope all of you will know to clean your mattress efficiently and enjoy your sleep!