Top 10 Fast-Growing Vegetables For The New Gardeners

If you are tender-feet in the cultivation of vegetables, gardeners, we would like to suggest 10 fast –growing and easy planting vegetables that you should conduct to plant them right today.

Growing fresh vegetables at home is a new trend of urban people who want to get fresh vegetables for daily meals. However, the cultivation of vegetables at home is also not easy, besides planting and harvesting, you need to grasp some basic techniques, some easy-growing vegetables to not be confused as well as have more experiences while

conducting to plant fresh vegetables at home.

Here are top 10 vegetables which can be harvested quickly and grown easily that you should plant as soon as you start gardening.



spinach-plant1Spinach is a type of vegetable which is very easy to grow, it can be harvested after being planted from 35-40 days. Spinach is extremely rich in nutrients; it can be steamed, boiled, fried, and cooked with shrimp or meat for very delicious dishes.

Spinach contains a lot of vitamins B, K, P, Kali, those vitamins are very beneficial for health. Especially for those who are pregnant, the delicious dishes related to spinach are indispensable in family meals. If possible, you can sow spinach seeds as well as take care them by yourselves in order to have safe vegetables in your small and beautiful garden.


LettucePlantsLettuce is one of the vegetables that you can grow all year round, the best time to grow this vegetable is from August this year to April next year. Lettuce has thin and long leaves with the particular fragrance. Lettuce can be used to make spice for other dishes or boiled with fragrant and cool flavor.

Lettuce is a short-day plant and has the high yield as well as planted easily in the home garden. In addition, this vegetable does not require picky care. You just need to have basic soils, water and a lot of sunlight, you can be able to have the green lettuce bushes. Especially, with this vegetable, you absolutely can sow the seeds in the plastic bags, pots, foam box.


PI_632800_plant_2002Being easy to grow, having the eye-catching color such as yellow, green or purple, especially containing high levels of nutrients, cowpea planted by yourselves at home will make you extremely satisfied because of its high yield when harvested.

Cowpea prefers to porous soil, drainage, it is easy to be planted and has less but high yield. Therefore, it is also a kind of vegetable that you can plant by yourselves in a small area of your garden. You just need to have a small area or take advantage of the balcony, rooftop in order to get a trellis of cowpea which promises to give you an abundant crop.


downloadRadish is a type of vegetable which is suitable to plant all year round, it has many eye-catching colors and contains a plenty of beneficial vitamins and minerals for our health. This vegetable is extremely easy to plant with a short growing period as well as high nutritional value and full of in vitamins A, B, C, so on.

In addition, this vegetable does not need too much soil and is suitable to plant in small pots or tubs. Not only that, if you are skillful in choosing types of spots, you can turn these beautiful radish spots into decorative items in your house, make your living space cooler and greener.


Pea does not require the high level of mineral nutrients, it can also develop in many types of soil. If you want to experiment to plant pea through seeds, the summer is the most suitable time for planting legumes and for pea, it takes only 2 months from seeding to harvesting. Because pea really likes sunlight, you can plant them in mid or late

summer and as the result, you will harvest them in the fall.


Onion can help you to save your space as well as be planted very easily, only after 3-4 weeks you can harvest it, onion can be usedownload (1)d to decorate your space as well. Lots of women prefer to plant this vegetable in plastic boxes, bottles. Especially, onion is a kind of vegetable which is often used for dishes. Therefore, how do you feel when always having this vegetable in your house?

In particular, the green onion is frequently used in the dishes. How do you feel when this vegetable is always available so you can get to use when necessary? Amateur gardeners have a lot of different ways to plant onion at home such as planting on soil traditionally or in water.


Being famous among vegetables with the plenty sources of vitamin A, B1, B2, C which are good for health, the carrot is very easy to grow and considered as one of the needed “candidates”; in your garden.

Carrots are very suitable to plant in spots for those who are enjoy gardening but live in the city. Carrot can not only be a type of foodstuff but also help to decorate your house.


download (2)Only a few plants can easily offer an efficient number of cucumbers for a family with 4 people or even more. This vegetable is planted easily and can live long as well as develop mainly in the summer. Cucumber can be planted in the small garden or in the boxes, bootless to grow and live stable, most developed cucumbers in summer.

Cucumber is the vegetable which people often use most aphrodisiacs and pesticides. Therefore, if you want to have fresh and safe cucumbers to eat, you should plant by yourselves at home. This vegetable can be planted all year around and give the high yield.


RX-DK-HTG27703_mature-pumpkin_s4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.960Pumpkin has long been a favorite food of many families because it is easy to cook, easy to eat and very easy to grow. This type of vegetable can be preserved long in normal conditions.


With enough light, water and perseverance, you will be rewarded with a lot of clean and succulent tomatoes. However, this tomato takes a long time to develop, so you must have great patience.