Four Great Ways For Fresh And Private Garden

The following suggestions can help enhance privacy as well as making your garden greener and fresher.

  1. Increase the height of the barrier with trees

Increase height of the fence is an easy way to enhance privacy for your garden. There are different ways to improve the height of the backyard fence. If your garden fence is slightly short, you can plant pine trees close to it to make a double layer of protection for the garden. At the same time, this also creates more shade for your small garden and houses.

Besides, with the relatively low barrier you can plant an additional layer of trees next to the fence to increase privacy.

Thirdly, alternatively planting green lianas and different types of tall trees is also an effective way to increase the height of your fence.

  1. Use lianas wall

If you want to cover a part of the patio but do not want to build a stuffy wall, the wall from green lianas is a perfect solution in this case.

Use lianas or trees hanging systems to make wall can bring fresh atmosphere and still ensures privacy for your house.

You should choose lianas like vines because they often grow up quickly.

  1. Combine wooden wall and lianas

The checkered wooden wall is an interesting idea to increase privacy for your garden area. Though the fence is made of wood, its checkers still make the wall airy and have enough lights. This type of wall is also an ideal place to plant green lianas.

  1. Use the tree wall

A vibrant green wall in the garden is both airy and unique. To get a perfect wall, you should choose types of trees which are high and dense for maximal privacy.

Also, with green trees planted in the wooden pots, you can also take advantage of them to separate other parts of your garden and create a friendly and private space.

To sum up, with four ways listed above, hope you can decorate your garden privately and beautifully. Let try to carry out and enjoy!