Different Ways To Grow Your Plants

If you have a large garden, it is a good condition for you to grow any types of plants you like and it is sure that you will have a green and colorful garden with various kinds of trees, vegetables, and fruits. However, if your garden is not big enough or you are fed up with growing by the usual way, this post will help you to make some differences by providing you some new but effective methods. Let read and consult immediately!

  1. Take full advantage of old bottles

There are a lot of bottles in your house, and you are going to throw them to the rubbish bin. Wait! Do you know that these bottles can be the ideal places to grow your plants?  You can cut them in half or make some hole and

  1. Make the use of rotten trunks


Rotten trunks can be used to replace for the plant pots, and they can also feed these plants by themselves. Plants can absorb an abundant source of nutrients from these trunks and then develop quickly. This is an economical way for those who have a limited garden and still want to grow some of the plants to decorate and create the natural space for their house.

  1. Use the hydroponic system

This is a new method which plants will be growed in the growing media without soils, and they will be fed by nutrient solution from the water. Growing media is the material you grow your plants, and each type of hydroponic system will correspond to different types of growing media. You can find lots of materials to make your best growing medium such as the water-absorbing crystals, river rocks, pine shavings, vermiculite, coco chips, coco fiber, perlite… With the best hydroponic system, you can create a vivid garden in your house without the need of using soil and be easy to control the development of your plants effectively.

  1. Create hanging garden

This way is suitable for those who do not have any space outdoor but still want to bring nature in their house. You can make the use of your fences to hang the bottles or pots of plants. With the colorful and green plants, your fence will look more beautiful, attractive and you still have vegetables or flowers to use every day.

  1. Plant vegetables in Styrofoam boxes


Sometimes, you need to contain something in a Styrofoam box, or when you buy some products, they are often kept in this type of box. If you intend to get rid of these boxes, it is very wasteful. Why don you recycle them for planting your vegetables instead of throwing them away? This is not only friendly and safe for the environment but also makes sure that you will always have fresh vegetables to eat daily? You can put these boxes in your yard, on the terrace or any space that you less use.

There are also a variety of ways for you to grow your favorite plants. If you are interested in gardening but do not enough space to do, let consult these ways and try, they make sure to work best for you!