Decorate the garden beautifully and creatively with old items

Decorating the garden beautifully and creatively with old items will bring your garden great and romantic spaces that are suitable for autumn days with slight sunshine.  It will be wasteful if you intend to throw away these old items. You can recycle them in order to plant trees, make shelves or use them as ornaments in the garden, which will make your house become more impressive.

Use old sprinkler buckets as flower pots

Thanks to these buckets, the steps of house will become bright and full of vitality. You don’t need to decorate sophisticatedly because your home entrance is still naturally pretty and has its own cachet with this creative and impressive way.

Use paint to make colorful plant pots

Try painting the fences as well as plant pots with your favorite colors, which will be attractive to everyone to your space.

Use old ladder as a prop for the flower pots

An old ladder and some boxes that are out of paint are enough to bring a separate appeal to a little corner of your garden. These items create fresh colors for the garden so that you can say welcome to the fall.

Use old tea cups to plant small trees

You will be amazed at seeing the tiny flowers sprouting from these cups with a lot of different colors and shapes. Placing these flowers along the stairs is a great idea if you want your house to be more distinctive.

Use your handbags to make simple plant pots

You can use the bags that are no longer in use as pots to plant trees. These colorful bags which are hanged on the fence will create an eye-catching appearance for the guests visiting your house.

Use empty bottles for planting trees and vegetables

With a small area, a hanging garden made from bottles of water will not only bring a grace for your house but also be a source of providing fresh vegetables for your family.


Use dry tree branches to decorate your front porch.

You can use the dry branches to make a small chair then put beautiful flower pots up it. Your porch will have a romantic and lovely style that is close to nature.

Use old chairs as shelves to put flowers up

You can paint aged chairs, put them in the corner of the garden and decorate some tiny plant pots, which can prettify your garden.

If you put the chairs with various sizes and colors near the way, they will become a highlight for your exterior space in cool weather of the fall.

Use baskets, old suitcases as unique flower pots

It is great to see flowers and trees that grow from the baskets and suitcases. This will be a strange beauty for your garden.

Use other items

With your creation and passion in gardening, these items such as old-fashioned shoes, beach hats or woolen bags can also make your house differ from other ones.